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Kleams UVi Beam
use it for disinfecting CPAP machine

I use an ozone disinfecting generator to clean my masks and CPAP tubing and use the UVi Beam to disinfect the internal air channel of the CPAP machine

Kleams UVi Beam
Valentin Krasnov

Very good product!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Kleams UVi Beam
Great experience!

Great experience for your Very fast shipping ! ! I haven’t used it yet but I m excited to do so…

Quick Option

I hate cleaning! This speeds up my time to disinfect and clean my condo.

Great for kids toys

I like how I can take it with me everywhere. My little one puts everything in his mouth, so I have to make sure everything is clean. This is great for his toys. And there are no harsh chemicals I need to worry about.

Kleams UVi Beam
So easy

I LOVE this tool. It's the size of my lipstick but packs a heavy punch to germs. It's easily the best disinfecting tool I've bought. And I don't have to buy more. The repeated use has saved me a lot of money on cleansing wipes!

Kleams UVi Beam
Shashwat .

I was not sure what to expect, but I really do like the UVi Beam. I use it at the park to clean the swings before my kids play on it.

Work great

So far so good. I am trusting that it does what it says, but my phone feels clean when i take it out!


This thing really is small. Easy to take with me. I can see myself using it a lot when I start traveling again.


Appears to be working great. I put in my bedroom and use it on my phone every night before bed.

Great Quality

This device feels very durable. I use it every night to clean my phone.

Kleams UVi Beam
Bogus Gateway
really small

I was really impressed with the size of the device. It's so small! Happy so far

I take it everywhere

I just got my beam and now it goes with me everywhere. Its so small and discrete. It gives me the extra peace of mind during the pandemic so I know thing are actually clean.

Awesome little device

This little device is very cool. The size was much smaller than I was expecting. Its very easy to take with me everywhere.

So easy

Super easy to use!

Love how portable

I'm so happy that I can just bring this with me and clean my car, my workplace and my home.