As the parent of a young child, I was already on the trail of launching the Kleams brand even before a global pandemic took over. I was thinking, how do I protect the health of my little one from all of the viruses, microbes and germs that was lurking everywhere waiting to make her sick, and how do I protect our friends, co-workers and those around us from the stuff she picks up and spreads (in the cutest manner, of course)? Now the stakes are so much higher as we not just protecting against the old normal. I took it as my personal responsibility to find a solution rooted in science and create a new line of products using reliable and effective technology that works, and get them out to as many people as possible.


With the Kleams line of LED UV-C sanitizing solutions, keeping every items safe and clean has never been easier. Our family launched Kleams to put the power of professional-level cleaning products safely in the hands of consumers. Whether you’re popping your baby’s pacifier in our Kleams UVi Kase™ personal sanitizing box or decontaminating your grocery store shopping cart with our Kleams UVi Beam™ portable UV light sanitizer, you can keep your home, workspace and everyday life free from the bacteria and viruses that can make you sick.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our fulfillment center and Help Desk are in California, so you can reach us, if you ever need or want to for any reason, without running into big time zone leaps or language barriers. If you have any issues with our products or questions about using them, we are here to help.


Brad, Co-Founder, Kleams