Short of wearing a hazmat suit, you can’t 100% protect yourself, your coworkers and your family from the billions of viruses and germs out there. But you can come close.

With Kleams’ UVC LED light sanitization products, you can zap away 99% of germs in as little as one second. Each Kleams device is powered by the latest advancements in chemical-free disinfectant technology. We’ve harnessed the power of LED UV-C germicidal light, proven to deactivate virus pathogens and used by medical facilities around the globe, to safely offer the everyday germ slayer professional-level decontamination solutions.

To learn more about our LED UV-C technology, check out the research below.

How Does LED UV-C Rapid Sanitization Work?

Because viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere we turn and on everything we touch, our hands become a human subway system for germs, where they can jump on, leave work and school behind, and head home to spend quality time with our families.

Until recently, the only option consumers had to ward off these unwelcome guests was to disinfect surfaces and objects with harsh sprays and wipes. While effective, these products couldn’t get into those crevices where germs hide, and it was easy for users to miss areas where pathogens were left to reproduce and spread.

However, after observing the impact UV-C light had on sanitizing operating rooms and medical instruments, the consumer market found a way to bring the technology home to help keep patients out of the hospital altogether. And Kleams™ is leading the technology wave with germ killing light solutions that are safe for anyone to use, but deadly to microbes and pathogens.

What exactly is LED UV-C?

UV-C is one of three bands on the ultraviolet (UV) light spectrum. Like the UV-A and UV-B light we absorb from the sun, UV-C can damage living matter, which makes it dangerous to humans as well as to germs, microbes and bacteria. However, we’re never exposed to UV-C when we step outside since our atmosphere acts as a barrier to protect us.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists began recreating UV light in the lab as a means of sanitization to stop the spread of bacterial infections, such as tuberculosis. Over the years, they discovered that UV wavelengths in the 260nm-280nm band – which just happens to be UV-C light – could also be a threat to cold and flu viruses that are unable to create their own energy or reproduce without host cells. When virus pathogens are hit with UV-C light, their DNA is immediately scrambled, deactivating their ability to replicate and spread.

Because of UV-C light’s risk to human tissue, the technology has been limited to sanitizing unoccupied spaces to eliminate exposure. However, researchers found when sterilization devices emit low doses of LED UV-C, the light is too weak to penetrate the human skin or eyes, but is still strong enough to neutralize viruses in the air and on surfaces. Through extensive product development, a new wave of cutting-edge UV disinfection devices has hit the consumer market to safely bring hospital-level decontamination solutions to schools, workplaces and homes.

What makes Kleams’ LED UV-C solutions different

Most consumer UV sanitizer devices, like UV wands and light boxes, can take up to 30 seconds to start sterilizing surfaces and objects. On the other hand, Kleams’ UVi Beam™ pocket sanitizer and UVi Kase™ personal sanitizing box technology delivers a high-intensity light output that instantly begins to sanitize surfaces, and within minutes, neutralizes 99% of bacteria and viruses. Not only are Kleams UV light products among the fastest on the market, but they’re also one of the safest with high-quality metal finishes and automatic shut-offs.

By putting Kleams’ LED UV-C solutions into action today, you can stay one step ahead of bacteria and viruses all season long. Shop our UV sanitizing products now or bundle them together to build the ultimate germ barrier.

From the Lab: Results Show the Kleams UVi Beam Handheld Sanitizer is 99.99% Effective Against Bacteria

Although microscopic, bacteria are one of the biggest threats to our health. Each year, almost three million Americans are diagnosed with an antibiotic-resistant bacterial or fungal infection, and more than 35,000 die as a result. Unfortunately, we’re exposed to billions of these organisms throughout our day, even at home. Our kitchen sinks, for instance, harbor 500,000 bacterial cells , and our smartphones are just as bad, carrying 10 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.

Erasing these superbugs from our daily lives completely may not be possible. Still, clinical research has shown that the Kleams’ UVI Beam portable UV light sanitizer can minimize our risk of bacterial infections significantly. In a study performed by the Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, an international research laboratory, our handheld sanitizer was tested against Escherichia coli, or E. coli, which is easily transmitted between humans or via contaminated surfaces.

The UVi Beam was analyzed through three separate test groups in which the LED UV-C light was aimed 5 mm from its intended surface target. In all three tests, the UVi Beam was found to be 99.99% effective in killing E. coli in 60 seconds or less. Because E. coli can live for days on surfaces, especially porous surfaces, the ability of LED UV-C to get into spaces and crevices is critical to sterilizing those bacteria traditional cleaning methods can’t reach.

When paired with good hygiene practices, the Kleams UVi Beam’s clinically-tested rapid sterilization mode and portable size make it a convenient, safe way to protect yourself against bacterial infections that make your sick. Simply aim it any surface and press the button to decontaminate it in seconds.