Kleams UVi Kase

The Personal Sanitizing Box

Millions of germs are hiding out on the personal items you touch most, ready to hitch a ride home on your hands. Stop them on the spot by popping any object—your phone, your keys, your remote control, your baby’s pacifier, whatever-- into our UVi sanitizer box and pressing the button to kill 99% of harmful germs and microbes. Best of all, it will wireless charge your phone while it’s at it.
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Lab Tested Seal

The items we can’t live without can also be the most dangerous to our health. Our smartphones, for instance, harbor millions of germs that can make us sick – germs we put right up to nose, eyes and mouth. The UVi Kase UV-C sanitizing box is a safe and chemical-way to kill bacteria like E. coli and staphylococcus as well as inactivate cold and flu viruses on any object we touch. With two sterilization modes – rapid for those objects you need right away and deep for those days you’ve slacked on cleaning – you can protect yourself and your family without irritating chemicals or disinfectants.

Deep Cleans Everything

Customer Reviews

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Work great

So far so good. I am trusting that it does what it says, but my phone feels clean when i take it out!


Appears to be working great. I put in my bedroom and use it on my phone every night before bed.

Great Quality

This device feels very durable. I use it every night to clean my phone.

So easy

Super easy to use!

How the Kleams UVi Kase Stands Out From Other UV Sanitizer Boxes

High-Power UV-C LED Technology

The UV-C light in Kleams’ UVi Kase disinfectant box has a wavelength of 260-280nm – the most effective sterilization band. It’s the radiation-free, chemical-free green way to kill bacteria and viruses safely.

99% Efficiency

Clinical research shows that the UVi Kase neutralizes 99% of viruses by destroying their DNA so they can longer reproduce or spread. In one second, your box starts sanitizing your item, and within minutes, your smartphone, tablet or other device is disinfected and ready to use.

2 Sterilization Modes

In most cases, the three-minute rapid sterilization mode is all you need to disinfect your contaminated item. But for those objects that are handled by multiple users, haven’t been sanitized in a while, or have been used by a contagious family member or coworker, the 15-minute deep clean mode offers the extra protection you need.

Wide Use

The UVi Kase is the ideal way to disinfect almost any item, anytime and anywhere. Teachers can toss in a handful of pencils and markers after class. Employees can sanitize their smartphone or earbuds on the go. Parents can clean their baby’s toys and pacifiers. If it can fit, you can disinfect it.

Compact and Convenient

Stay safe on the road and when you travel. The UVi Kase is lightweight, compact and portable, so you can easily slip the sanitizing box into a suitcase or computer bag. Plus, it offers a wireless charging feature to keep your smartphone running.

UVi Kase FAQ

Within three minutes, the UVi Kase rapid mode can sterilize up to 99% of virus pathogens and germs on those objects you frequently use. But when you have remote controls, toys and other items that have been touched by multiple hands or if you’re in the middle of a particularly nasty cold and flu season, the deep sanitization mode can give you that extra peace of mind you need. The 15-minute deep clean leaves objects even cleaner and more hygienic, which is critical, especially with the growing risk of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Site research has shown that LED UVC light has the ability to scramble the DNA of coronaviruses, including SARS, so they’re unable to reproduce. In fact, hospitals across the country have long used UV-C germicidal light to decontaminate their facilities, and the technology is spreading to restaurants, subways and buses as well. Because COVID-19 is such a new strain of the virus, research on the UVi Kase’s effectiveness is ongoing, but study outcomes at this point show similar results.

Every item we touch, use or wear is covered with germs, no matter how careful we think we are – viruses can last days on surfaces, and some bacteria can stick around for weeks. With the UVi Kase sterilizing box, you can sanitize almost any object you or your family members use, including smartphones, tablets, utensils, clothing, money, and toothbrushes. It’s even safe enough to use on baby care items, such as pacifiers, toys and bottle nipples.

When cleaning, devices like the UVi Kase, encapsulate and emit low doses of LED UV-C, the light is too weak to penetrate the human skin, but is still strong enough to sterilize viruses on objects. The UVi Kase sanitization process doesn’t start until the lid is shut and the power button is pushed, so you can rest assured your exposure to UV-C light is zero. And once your smartphone, tablet or other item is sanitized, it’s 100% safe to use again.

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