Kleams UVi Beam

The Fast-Acting Pocket Sanitizer

Aim our handheld UVi Beam sanitizer at any surface and start neutralizing 99% of viruses, germs and microbes in seconds – up to 30 times faster than more expensive UV light wands and light sticks! Just toss it in your purse, pocket or backpack to sanitize on the go.

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Lab Tested Seal

The UVi Beam Fast Acting Pocket Sanitizer uses advanced UV-C disinfection technology that has been clinically tested to kill 99.9% of harmful germs and microbes. The compact design and highly directional beam concentrate the power of ultraviolet UV-C light exactly where it’s needed, keeping you safe from the incidental overexposure you might get with other sanitizers.

Deep Cleans Everything

Sanitize any commonly contaminated surface you come into contact with, from doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, light switches, bus and subway poles, elevator buttons and escalator handrails to computer keyboards at work and your own kitchen counter at home.

Why our customers love the UVi Beam

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use it for disinfecting CPAP machine

I use an ozone disinfecting generator to clean my masks and CPAP tubing and use the UVi Beam to disinfect the internal air channel of the CPAP machine

Valentin Krasnov

Very good product!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Great experience!

Great experience for your Very fast shipping ! ! I haven’t used it yet but I m excited to do so…

Quick Option

I hate cleaning! This speeds up my time to disinfect and clean my condo.

Great for kids toys

I like how I can take it with me everywhere. My little one puts everything in his mouth, so I have to make sure everything is clean. This is great for his toys. And there are no harsh chemicals I need to worry about.

UVi Beam FAQ

Yes! In a clinical lab trial, the UVi Beam’s high-power ultraviolet LED technology was proven to begin neutralizing E. coli strains within in one second, and was 99.99% effective in killing the bacteria. Additional clinical testing has shown the same results on a variety of microbes and genetic pathogens, including coronaviruses and the seasonal flu. The longer you use the UVi Beamon a surface, the higher the sterilization rate and the lower the spread.

Cite research has shown that LED UV-C light has the ability to scramble the DNA of coronaviruses, including SARS, so they’re unable to reproduce. In fact, hospitals across the country have long used UV-C germicidal light to decontaminate their instruments and facilities, and the technology is spreading to restaurants, subways, airplanes and buses as well. Because COVID-19 is such a new strain of the coronavirus, research on the UVi Beam’s effectiveness is ongoing, but study outcomes at this point show similar results.

The UVi Beam portable UV sanitizer is ideal for smartphones, tablets, computer keyboards, door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, subway and bus poles and straps, escalator handrails, airplane seats, and many other commonly contaminated surfaces. It’s also safe to disinfect items used by babies and kids, including pacifiers, bottles and toys. It is NOT for use on living tissue (skin, animal fur) or clothing while it is being worn, and any other object or surface that may be harmed by UV light.

Direct exposure to UV-C light is dangerous to anyone. The highly directional UVi Beam sanitizer emits a low level of UV-C that is too weak to penetrate the human skin, but is still strong enough to kill microbes and neutralize genetic pathogens on hard surfaces. Used as intended, the UVI Beam allows a safe and effective sanitizing experience with enhanced features that make it safer and more effective, including automatic shut-off. As with any UV light source, the UVi Beam should never be pointed at the skin or eyes and should be kept out of reach of children.

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