Interviewing our Founder

Today, we’re spending some time with our President and Co-founder, Brad Newberger, to learn more about how Kleams came about.

  1. At the heart of it, what is Kleams?

Kleams is a team of designers and science-driven creators to bring thoughtful home solutions for enabling your lifestyle by coupling the function and form of today. 

  1. Why did you start Kleams?

My daughter. Early last year, my wife and I had a baby girl. Before she was born, my wife and I did what every first-time parent does to prepare for a newborn. We researched, we baby-proofed, we purged and we filled our house with new stuff. And one of the most common things I kept reading about was childproofing this and disinfecting that. But not with this harsh chemical, use this chemical. You get the picture. This became an overwhelming and constant worry for me.

As a father, your first instinct is to keep your child safe. And my wife told me I couldn’t isolate our daughter into a hazmat suit inside bubble wrap for the rest of her life. So I decided to start up Kleams for parents but also working professionals, travelers, students, and anyone else who was to easily disinfect without all the harsh chemicals single-use products offer. Our UVi beam is fast, safe, and effective. 

  1. What makes Kleams different than other disinfectants out there?

The safe and effective technology combined with the durability and ease of use is really important. Our customers consistently tell us how this the most powerful tool in their cleaning supplies and it doesn’t live in their supply closet.

I travel a lot for work as well. Carrying around wipes and sprays isn’t easy, nor is probably going to fit into your work bag, handbag, diaper bag, or even pocket. The repeated use is a bonus for our customers. Saves quite a bit of money on extra single-use disinfectants out there. 

  1. How safe is Kleams?

There is no risk using the Kleams UVi beam or kase especially those heavily used and trafficked spaces. The UVi beam is designed to work on hard and soft surfaces. Even those odd-shaped products where sometimes you just can’t get into that corner the UVi light always does. You can even use it on pacifiers and bottles. 

  1. If you could tell families and friends out there one thing about Kleams, what would it be?

If you’re like me, and you want to keep your family safe from things we cannot see. Kleams does just that. Our UVi beam allows use you to disinfect wherever and whenever you are in a fast, effective manner. 

  1. What’s next on the horizon for Kleams?

At our core, we are driven creating and curating science-based solutions, we have new products in the pipeline. Follow our blog at to stay in the loop for the summer.



Disclaimer: Please be sure to review our guidelines of use and questions in our FAQ.  Kleams UVi Beam and Kase are NOT for use on living tissue (skin, animal fur) or clothing while it is being worn, and any other object or surface that may be harmed by UV light.